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Western Attire

The clothes you wear during a horse show are a "riding habit."  You must have the proper riding habit for your discipline and your division.  Learn more about what you should be wearing when, and where to find it!

W Pleasure

Western Pleasure

Note: Detailed information for the WS Western Division is available in the USEF Rulebook under "Appointments."

You will need:

  • Western hat or protective headgear

  • Long-sleeved shirt with collar

  • Necktie, kerchief, or bolo tie (National Show Horse and Saddlebred divisions)

  • Trousers or pants

  • Boots

  • Chaps or shotgun chaps

  • Spurs

  • Vest, jacket, coat, and or sweater optional

Show Looks

Bennett Farms Western Looks

It's All About the Details



Women's shirts may have sparkly patterns, men's shirts are usually embroidered cotton. It must be well tailored and have a collar and long sleeves.


In Saddlebred and National Show Horse divisions, neckties, kerchiefs or bolo ties are required.  Choose an option that compliments the style of shirt you have. 

Makeup with Brushes


If applicable, makeup helps the judges see your features at a distance, like stage makeup for actors.  Like stage makeup, show makeup is applied relatively heavily. 



Pants must be long enough to reach the heel and not bunch up during the ride.  Starched denim or dark, heavy material trail pants are common.


Get black or a color that matches your pants. Extra long gloves or black electrical tape will keep your skin from showing between the glove and shirt cuff.


Short hair can be worn tidily under your hat.  Long hair must be worn in a low bun.  Tools needed: hair nets that match your hair color, bobby pins, hair spray, hair brush.


Chaps may have fringe along the outside leg seam and must be worn at the waist, not slung too low across the hips. Color should compliment the pants.



Cowboy boots, flat heel roper boots, or western paddock boots are good options. Your chaps will cover most of the boot so don't focus on decoration.


Ask your trainer!

If you have any questions about what you should buy or wear for a show, talk to your trainer!  We're here to help you get ready for the show ring.



The color of your western hat should compliment your pants/chaps.  It should be sized to fit tightly across your brow so as to not fly off during your ride.



Depending on the bling factor of your western shirt, you can add extra touches of sparkle with glittery stud earrings, number magnets,  buckles, and bolo ties.

Where to Buy

Now that you've studied and taken your notes on what your riding habit will be, it's time to buy!  The below vendors offer Saddle Seat attire, both new and on consignment. 

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