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Bennett Farms Lesson Requests

Request Submission Process *PLEASE READ*

  1. If this is your first lesson at Bennett Farms, you must complete and submit the Bennett Farms Client Form & Waivers.  You can access the online and printable versions here.  This information must be completed prior to your confirmed lesson time.

  2. Fill out the below Lesson Request Form completely

  3. Submit your request

  4. Once a request is submitted, our staff will review the request and contact you to confirm your lesson.  Your lesson will not be considered booked until a Bennett Farms staff member has contacted you and confirmed directly.

Please Note: Online lesson requests are only available 4 days in advance of the lesson time.  To schedule a lesson directly, or within 4 days in advance of the lesson time, please call our Lesson Coordinator, Nancy Goebel, at (818) 599-3518.

Respectful Booking

We are working very hard on our end to find ways to accommodate your requests while ensuring proper care of our horses.  Please be respectful of our hard work.  If the lesson is confirmed, we have a real life horse and trainer waiting expectantly for you at that time.  If you change your mind or are no longer able to make the requested time work, please contact us as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule.  We greatly appreciate your understanding. 

Request a Lesson
Is this Rider's first lesson at Bennett Farms?
What type of lesson would you like to request?
Is there anything you'd like us to know in advance of this lesson? (What you'd like to learn, any disabilities or health concerns, etc.)

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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