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Client Profile & Waiver

Safety is an every day part of equestrian life.  Our Client Profile is designed to help us learn everything we need to arrange safe lessons structures for every client.

New Clients

After booking a lesson with Bennett Farms, new clients must fill out the Bennett Farms Client Profile and review our waivers prior to the time of their first lesson.  Our first goal is safety, and as horseback riding is a high risk activity, we are unable to begin the lesson until the paperwork is completed.  Please note submitting this form is not a request for a lesson - please call the main line to schedule your lesson.


Returning Clients

If you experience any changes that Bennett Farms should be aware of, like new contact information, new medical or emergency contacts, please submit a new Client Profile so we have the most up to date information. 

Bennett Farms Client Profile
How did you hear about Bennett Farms?
Have you (or rider) ridden before?
If so, indicate your (or rider's) level
What discipline of riding do you prefer?
Are you (or rider) a horse owner?
Are you (or rider) interested in participating in horse shows?

Thanks for submitting!

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