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Bennett Farms Mock Show Photos

Our Bennett Farms riders braved the windy conditions and exhibited amazing skill during our Bennett Farms Mock Show last Sunday. Professional USEF judge Katie Case came out to (usually warmer) California to judge the show. Thank you to all the Bennett Farms friends and family who made this show a great experience! Congratulations, everyone!

All photos courtesy of Lauren Egge


Lead Line Equitation

1st Place – Eva and Duke

2nd Place – Reagan and Mac


Walk Trot Pleasure

1st Place – Jeff and Duke

2nd Place – Deirdre and Rascal

3rd Place – Kenneth and King


Walk Trot Equitation

1st Place – Kenneth and King

2nd Place – Jeff and Duke

3rd Place – Deirdre and Rascal


Walk Trot Canter Pleasure

1st Place – Lyla and Teddy

2nd Place – Pam and Hugo

3rd Place – Daisy and Rascal


Walk Trot Canter Equitation

1st Place – Daisy and Rascal

2nd Place – Lyla and Teddy

3rd Place – Pam and Hugo


Pleasure Driving

1st Place – Jimi and Harry

2nd Place – Joan and Shamball


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