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Bennett Farms Launches Lesson Waitlist

To keep up with increased demand for lesson slots and to maintain transparency about availability, Bennett Farms is launching a waitlist for lessons. We wish we had enough horses and lesson slots to accommodate everyone who reaches out, but our much appreciated popularity has led to the need for a waitlist.

Those who are interested in riding with Bennett Farms will be able to join the waitlist on our website at Using the information you provide, Bennett farms will reach out as appropriate lesson slots and lesson horses become available. Openings may vary from a recurring weekly lesson slot to a single cancellation.

Saturday and Sunday slots are the most popular, so we highly recommend including some weekday options for your availability.

We understand this may be disappointing if you are interested in starting with Bennett Farms, but we appreciate your understanding while we do our best to accommodate all while ensuring proper care of our horses.

Please note this is for our lesson program only, if you are a horse owner looking for lessons on your own horse, please call our main phone line to discuss boarding and training opportunities.  

We hope to ride with you soon!


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