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California Saddle Horse Futurity Results

Once again we're proud to say our riders did marvelously in the 74th Annual 2018 California Saddle Horse Futurity Horse Show in Las Vegas! The classes were big and our riders were fierce - congratulations on fantastic rides everyone!

Cory Campbell

6th Place - Three-Gaited Park Amateur with Miss Savanna Rose

6th Place - $250 Three-Gaited Park Amateur Championship with Miss Savanna Rose

Isabelle Gatti

3rd Place - Three-Gaited Amateur with Undulata's Lady Noel

5th Place - $500 Three-Gaited Amateur or Junior Exhibitor Championship with Undulata's Lady Noel

5th Place - Three-Gaited Park Pleasure Open with Virtual Adventure

4th Place - $250 Three-Gaited Park Pleasure Championship with Virtual Adventure

Patty Ladd

4th Place - Western Country Pleasure Rider Any Age with Nuttin' Without You

1st Place - Western Country Pleasure Junior or Limit Horse with Nuttin' Without You

3rd Place - Saddle & Bridle's Shatner Western Pleasure with Nuttin' Without You

5th Place - $500 Western Country Pleasure Championship with Nuttin' Without You

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