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Bennett Farms Remembers Drumaneer

It's with heavy hearts that we announce the loss of one of our equine family members. Drummie passed away this week, and although he will be greatly missed, his memory will live on in all the riders and horse lovers who met him. Many new students had their first lessons with Drummie, and even more earned their first blue ribbons with him in the show ring. He has been a constant companion in our barn aisles, and he will never be forgotten.

Drumaneer's owner has shared the following words for him:

"Drumie, you represented grace, majesty, glory, peacefulness, humility, unconditional love and kindness. Your majestic presence yet humble demeanor was captivating. You were a breathtaking creature, inside and out. You were the light and life of the Equestrian Center and brought so much joy to me, my family and the people around you. You touched the hearts and souls of every human being that you encountered. Your eyes spoke with emotions and tranquility. You will forever be in my heart. Rest in peace my little Prince. You deserve it."

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